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Chris Shires, company director Shires Organ PIpes Ltd

Quality pipes for organ builders around the world

We make, repair and restore organ pipes by hand using traditional materials, techniques and tools

Crafting metal into organ pipes using traditional tools

Welcome to our website. At Shires, we make organ pipes of the highest quality for organ builders around the world. Our aim is to exceed customers' expectation in matters of value, quality and delivery.


​Our workshop is based in West Yorkshire, where, using traditional materials, techniques and tools, we hand-craft metal into pipes. We are also experienced in the repair and historical restoration of pipes.


Our company has been established for more than 30 years and our skilled team strives to uphold high standards.   

Five polished metal organ pipes

We believe in the importance of a clear understanding of our customers' needs and we are happy to offer advice where required. So if you require metal organ pipes for a project, large or small, please contact us. We shall make every effort to help.

Terry Doyle solders a pipe

Who we are

From modest beginnings as a one-man operation in the family garage in 1997, Shires Organ Pipes has seen significant expansion and is now established in a former textile mill in Leeds. 


Chris Shires, who runs the company after taking over from his father, is proud of the legacy he has inherited, and has developed a talent for facades, flue work and reeds.

Our Services

Our skilled pipe makers are steeped in the traditions of fine flue and reed work. Our reputation for outstanding, hand-made organ pipes is built on a commitment to craftsmanship, value and punctual delivery

George Fowler with a rank of newly completed mixtures

Pipe making

Metal pipes are generally made from an alloy of tin and lead, the composition determined by the organ builder for tonal or visual reasons.


At Shires, each pipe is made with pride by an individual. Some of our pipe-making processes are shown in greater detail in the videos shot in our Leeds workshop.

What our customers say...

I have unwrapped the Hautbois and am in the middle of re-racking it. It has arrived in perfect condition. I am bowled over with the quality of your reeds. I have been in this business for many decades and I have never seen better. Your mitrering is superb. I very much look forward to working with you again.

Nick Thompson-Allen

Shires Organ Pipes is without doubt the premier maker of organ pipes. We have been thrilled with each pipe crafted for us, over the years and the inherent quality is consistently outstanding. The craftsmen are dedicated to their skill, being evident in the exquisite pipework they craft. each pipe, each note, a work of art

Iain Harvey

Our recent projects have included instruments requiring replica reed stops for new and existing pipe organs.

Shires Organ Pipes have consistently provided first class pipework of exquisite craftsmanship and beauty, while meticulously following our specifications and adapting to various construction details.

Christopher Broome

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