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Steve Parker soldering a seam on a pipe

A comprehensive range of pipe making services

We are steeped in the traditions fine flue and reed work and can offer a comprehensive range of pipe making services. By refining and modernising traditional techniques, we are able to combine superior quality with affordable prices.


Our reputation for outstanding, hand-made organ pipes is built on a commitment to craftsmanship, value and punctual delivery. And it is a privilege to manufacture for organ builders throughout the world.


Our pipe makers have years of experience in matching alloys and adding impurities such as copper, antimony, silver and other trace elements.


We can faithfully reproduce the styles of any period for historical and restoration work, from the North German style of Schnitger, through major British builders such as Hill and Willis, to the past masters of North America. 


Whether you require a single pipe, a gift pipe, or part or all of a complete stop, you will find our attention to detail is exemplary. We can provide a full range of angle variation on the languid bevel, as well as any mouth width or design.

When you decide to include our pipes as part of an organ building or restoration project, you are making a sound choice.

The new Tickell organ in Manchester Cathedral with display pipes by Shires
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