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The complex shaped interior of a display organ pipe

Display organ pipes

Shires has the skill to make display pipes to your specification, such as these created for the organ in St Mary-le-Bow, London.


We can design the mouths according to your wishes, whether it be for the upper or lower lips.


On this site you will see some of our display pipes featuring Roman, diamond or bayleaf patterns. Front pipes can be fitted with hooks or they can be provided for later attachment.


We can make removable panels for voicing, and languids on bass notes are always strengthened with a brass bar down to eight foot F. Zinc liners are fitted in the feet of the bass notes to prevent sagging.  


We also pay attention to alloys of tin to help strengthen display pipes. In our opinion 70% tin is a weak alloy and prone to collapse. Our preferred alloy is 80% tin.


But we would always discuss alloys with our customer and offer advice if asked. We also make display pipes in other alloys such as spotted metal, and occasionally polished zinc.

Display pipes on the organ in St-Mary-le-Bow, London.

Creating display pipes that shine like diamonds

A scored metal patter for a display pipe
A pipe maker etches a pattern in metal for a display pipe

A member of our team carefully marks out and then scores the pattern on a display pipe, left and above, in our workshop. The finished pipe, in an intricate diamond design, the result of hours of precise, highly skilled work, may be seen below.

Diamond patterns on a display organ pipe made of tin

Creating decorative display pipes for Mander Organ Builders 

Marking out the metal.
Scoring the diamond patterns
Shires mander diap5_edited.jpg

A snapshot of the process of making decorative display organ pipes from scoring the metal – an alloy of 80 per cent tin – to the finished products.


These were made for Mander Organ Builders who are building a two-manual instrument in the church of St Mary's Reed, Hertfordshire.

The finished open diapason decorative display organ pipe
The facade display pipes from Bottom C upwards
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