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Social media blows our own trumpet over mitred joints

Updated: May 12

Mitred joint on trumpet organ pipes

If there's one job that sends pipe makers round the bend, it's making mitres for customers.

Mitred joints allow organ pipes to be 'folded' to occupy a space which otherwise would be too low for their full length. In this advanced technique, pipes are made to length before being sawn to the requisite dimension in a mitre block.

The angled pieces are in turn tacked and soldered by hand, a process which requires experience, patience, precision and dexterity. Resonators on this 16ft trumpet were made by Chris Shires and Terry Doyle.

Social media comments on the job include: 'Absolutely gorgeous work. Beautiful team work', 'craftmanship at its best' and 'brilliant work as always. The old man still has it!'

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