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The art and craft of making decorative gift pipes

Updated: Feb 21

Terry Doyle at work on an embossed gift pipe

After Terry Doyle had finished working on some very large pipes, we thought it was only right to give him a sit-down job.

So he designed and made some decorative embossed gift pipes, a speciality of our work at Shires.

His meticulous handiwork can be seen on our Gift Pipes page.

A master of his art and a wonderful craftsmen our Mr Doyle!

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1 Comment

Aug 08, 2023

Terry is indeed a very talented chap! I am delighted with the 18 inch gift pipe I ordered. It has become a real talking point amongst friends of mine! Are all gift pipes tuned to C, or can you order ones tuned to other notes? Might get another in future and I'd like a G.

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