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  • Terry Shires

Corno di Bassetto among reeds made for Glatter-Götz

Trumpet pipes made for Glatter-Götz Organ Builders

Corno di Bassetto pipes made for Glatter-Götz organ builders

We are delighted to be working with Glatter-Götz Organ Builders from Pfullendorf, Germany, making reeds to their specifications.

Glatter-Götz was founded in 1993 and it organs range from a four-manual instrument in Walt Disney Hall (in collaboration with Manuel Rosales) to a two-manual for the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow.

Our work so far on the pipes for their project's Great, Choir and Swell divisions is complete. Those for the solo organ, including a French Horn, will be the next to go on to the bench in our Leeds workshop. Among the pipes pictured are those of the Swell Corno di Bassetto.

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