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  • Terry Shires

'Brilliant repair work - the touch of the Master's hand'

The difficult we do at once, the impossible takes a little longer. Or so visitors may imagine when they see the state of damaged organ pipes brought to our workshop for repair.

This rank looked as though an army had marched over it. But bent, buckled or flattened metal is just another challenge for George Fowler who has been repairing seemingly ruined pipes for more than 50 years.

Within a few days, these sorry looking flutes had been lovingly restored using skill, care and special tools handed down from one craftsman to another.

It was gratifying to receive many kind comments about George's repair work on our Facebook page. They included these remarks:

'Wow, that's some amazing skill! Well done George.' 'Beautiful work! They look good as new!' 'Absolutely brilliant work!' 'Incredible craftsmanship! Bravo, George!'

'There is something spiritual in the feel for the job, the co-ordination between hand and eye. The touch of the Master’s Hand.'

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